“kata-kata ku tak seindah Rumi
ilmu falsafah ku tak setinggi al-Farabi
dan ku bukan malaikat atau pun nabi
aku hanya manusia yang punya hati.”

“If you look into these pages
of arteries, veins, and nerves
would you be able to wrap a bandage
around a wounded verse?”

-Moon HMZ

Munira known as Moon HMZ, twenty-something, artist/poet/illustrator/editor/animator/architect, wife.

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I’m a dreamer with eyes of prism and a million-spectered vision. Just human like you, like her, him, them.
Sometimes my sea of words and images drown me, but I build handcarved boats from grains of art, conversations, and poetry.

They keep my sanity in a life jacket safely afloat,

but I should have realised by now…



maybe I just need to learn how to swim.





Everything and anything can inspire me, even you.


I dream and I wonder… when is my turn to inspire you, too?


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