You’ve hovered in the corner,
Just at the border
Of your past and your future
Admiring your forever
Dismissing your ephemeral
The love for your after
When your before is as present as ever
And you always say maybe,


We’ll see.

But then,

Has there ever.
Been a better
Than this.

There has never been a better time than this
To say I Love You to the ones you’ll miss
To acknowledge your pain and your bliss
To hold on to everything that is
Have never seen yourself through this,
When you thought that every heel and fist
Was meant to push you to the edge of abyss
Not pull you in, to ascend that very cliff.

There has never been a better time than now
To grip the pen that has made you draw
To hug the ones who accept your flaws
To see in them what they saw
In You
There is power and strength to awe
There is love and life that will help you thaw
Thaw and break the ice that froze your pledged heart
And melt your never into your now.

There has never been a better time.


Has there ever.
Been a better
Than this.


“Now” by Moon HMZ

Keeper pt. i & pt. ii


Sunday, 25 March 2012

I keep busy

to keep from thinking of the times

to come I keep


to buy spare time from some

keeper of nightmares and dreams

who flushes me as I keep drifting awake

unwoken, yet full of fares for keepsake

a token, to remind me of our fate

maybe I wouldn’t resist sleep until it’s too late

when the keeper of my days

pulls me to the left

into his dark embrace.


Keeper pt. ii

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Right keeper yawns, his fingers gracing thin paper

when can I write something down?

Don’t make me write, and scratch it off later

Oh, your heart is a pawn

in danger of being struck

with a little dirty deal you’ll only regret later.


Left keeper races with words and paper as they scroll past one another faster than breathing faster than a heart’s meter again and again without break he writes without mistake every little mistake till the pages form volumes louder and louder as the shoulder gets heavier, heavy still, until…


you woke up and said hello to the right keeper

and the left, for good measure

in the morning, in the afternoon

in the evening, sunset, and just as soon

as you lay down to sleep


is a different day to keep.


falling like a drop into the lake
rising like a stone drops’ wake
Up to the sounds of feet
running from past mis-
a pure heart to come up
with the things you say
that you want to create
something new